Take a moment to see the trailer for the film I've written the script for... stars Crissy Moran and Stephen Zimple. Good stuff... a modern day parallel to the Hosea Story. :)


Now @ Wordpress...



my "real blog"

Just a heads up for anyone that cares... lol

My real blog, now found @ lowercasechurch.com has been down for several months due to two reasons:

1. When I upgraded to iWeb 2.0 - I didn't back up my files *slaps forehead* - so, I lost everything...
2. I have simply not had the time to rebuild it since then since Elevation has been gearing up for launch... a launch that will take place now in Feb.

So... I am in the process of rebuilding it! Stay tuned... SO much has happened. I wish it didn't crash! :)



For any that actually return here, this is just a reminder of what's written below. lol

Blog is now moved to lowercasechurch.com - God bless!



Hello to anyone that may find this by searching the web, I just wanted to put out a reminder that this blog has moved to lowercasechurch.com - and unfortunately for now, since I am using Apple's "iWeb" program to create the site and uploading it to my own url, there is no way for you - the reader - to comment there... if you would like to dialogue about something you've read, please feel free to e-mail me @ dave@elevationchurch.tv -- much love to all of you...

- David Cowan


new post

I have a new blog entry @ http://www.lowercasechurch.com/blog/blog.html

sorry that i do not have comments up and running, either... hope to have that fixed as well... thanks for your patience. I am so new to this web stuff. :\




blogging change

Hello to my vast readership! lol -- just so you know, I think might be abandoning blogger for something different... if you would like to see what's new, find it here: http://www.lowercasechurch.com/home.html

I have built a site that I hope will catch on... as I thought about coming over here to Arizona, I was thinking it would rock to have a site devoted to showing a church plant as it develops from start to launch. So, this site (which is up and 90% running) will provide a blog, a podcast, and various media items that I can share with anyone interested throughout the world. I did the entire site myself, including the photography... this is my first ever website. Did it all with Apple's iWeb software. Rockin... please stop by and enjoy.

Couple of items to get working: comments and the podcast. I will have to use a third party program for adding comments... so, until I do, my new blog will be comment free. Sorry about that... also, as many times as I have tried, I have not been able to get the podcast on the site. Weird... will be working on that one. :)

See you there!